Monday, 29 April 2013

My birthday! ♥

Hi! It's official, I'm now 24 years old lol.
Sitting out in the garden typing this entry & it's a really nice day out :)

Not sure really what to do on today, so far I'm relaxing before I go back to work tomorrow ugh!
So yeah, yesterday we had a little BBQ and we ate hot dogs. Just me, my sister, my mum & her boyfriend, so it was just a little dinner. It's good to finally have a BBQ and some garden furniture. It's only one of those two seats with the table in the middle? Not sure what their called haha.

I got £60 today, and some lovely cards too. Love love this weather! Sorry just had to say that haha!
We are also having an indian takeaway tonight as a birthday dinner! Cannot wait for that yum yum in my tum!
I really would like to go to Australia just so I can sunbake the whole time I'm there lol. Such a lovely country & Sydney is a great first place to go for sure! I've seen so many little bars, pubs & restaurants over at Bondi, Sydney so I'd love to visit them :)

Keek is now become my new video blog app. Which I'm liking so far! You can only make a 36 second video, so I have to like, re-do it if I mess up haha!

Not sure what else to say, so I'm gonna leave you a few summery photos since I'm in a summery mood today:

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