Monday, 29 April 2013

My birthday! ♥

Hi! It's official, I'm now 24 years old lol.
Sitting out in the garden typing this entry & it's a really nice day out :)

Not sure really what to do on today, so far I'm relaxing before I go back to work tomorrow ugh!
So yeah, yesterday we had a little BBQ and we ate hot dogs. Just me, my sister, my mum & her boyfriend, so it was just a little dinner. It's good to finally have a BBQ and some garden furniture. It's only one of those two seats with the table in the middle? Not sure what their called haha.

I got £60 today, and some lovely cards too. Love love this weather! Sorry just had to say that haha!
We are also having an indian takeaway tonight as a birthday dinner! Cannot wait for that yum yum in my tum!
I really would like to go to Australia just so I can sunbake the whole time I'm there lol. Such a lovely country & Sydney is a great first place to go for sure! I've seen so many little bars, pubs & restaurants over at Bondi, Sydney so I'd love to visit them :)

Keek is now become my new video blog app. Which I'm liking so far! You can only make a 36 second video, so I have to like, re-do it if I mess up haha!

Not sure what else to say, so I'm gonna leave you a few summery photos since I'm in a summery mood today:

Saturday, 20 April 2013

I'll start posting random blogs if I'm ever bored..

Hey! I'd thought I would make another blog post since I'm bored lol.
Well, I think summer is nearly here.. doesn't feel like summer yet though.
Because it's still spring ugh lol. Oh well, not long now!
I'm really in love with Australian Rappers, such as Illy, Hilltop Hoods & Bliss n Eso.

There is just something about their songs, that make love their music! The songs are amazing and so well written. People in the UK should really listen to them haha.
Here are some lovely pictures that I like ♥


 Bye :)
Kayti. Xo

Friday, 5 April 2013

I'm back || Bohemian ♥

Hiya, sorry I haven't blogged since last year! I've been ignoring this blog lol.
Anyway, I've been working hard like a champion recently. But I'm always asking for overtime because I work part time, I really need to start looking for full time work.

So what have I been up to. I've been relaxing, working, sleeping, eating, watching TV and just chilling out haha. I've recently fallen in love with the movie Grease again! Totally love it! Love the diner, the cars and the outfits that they all wear!
Especially Marty's clothes and I'm in love with the Pink Ladies car :)

I've been really getting in to the 50s era at the moment and today I bought a really lovely vintage looking bag. Even though it's not. But I like it and it was only £7.99! ♥
I also still like vintage things and new things. But I'm pretty much a girly girl at heart :)
I have also purchased the new Sims 3 University Life Expansion Pack which was released on the 8th of March 2013 so I finally bought it lol.

Cannot wait to play it when it arrives! Also big news, Vanilla Coke is back! I've bought like 4 bottles so far. Still waiting for it to be launched every where lol.
My childhood crush from school has blocked me on Twitter. How rude! Oh well lol.

So yeah, that will be all for this little post.
I will post again :)
Bye ♥