Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Re-Post: Happy Monday!

Re-posted from my Wordpress blog: 21/09/2013
Hiya again my darlings!
So I’m a little late since it is now nearly 6pm in the evening but it’s Monday some where in the world haha.
Australia are onto Tuesday and we still have 6 hours left of Monday.  So you can now go home, relax and unwind after a long day at work. I’m here to help you out a little bit.
Going to make you feel ready for the week ahead and also make you look forward to the weekend! Enjoy my lovelies! ♥ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage
I hope that made your Monday!
Have a great week!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

I need summer back!

Hi again my lovelies!
So summer has gone but we are still getting sunsets which I'm loving. I do miss the sun though.
Anyway, looking forward to Christmas a lot now since it's only 71 days left eep!
Still need to get all my presents and things sorted out, which will probably be done by about. 
The end of November?

Christmas advent calendars, chocolate selection boxes and chocolates are all coming in to supermarkets.
Even though Halloween and Bonfire night are pretty soon haha.

Here's some lovely inspiration photos for you to enjoy:

I hope you like those, I don't own any of these photos, all credit goes to rightful owners.
(sources: Tumblr, Pinterest & Weheartit).

See ya later!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Autumn has arrived!

Hiya! Autumn has finally arrived and it's time to get my knits out, wear my UGG boots everyday, thick tights, dark reds, purples, browns, blacks and orange. Also a pop of colour too!
I love Autumn and Winter but it does get really cold outside. This morning was about 8 degrees!
Little bit cold, but I survived the walk to work in my uniform, UGG boots and coat haha.

Hot choccies before bed, fleece blankets to keep me warm and warm showers and baths.
So bliss. But I do miss Summer and eating ice cream, drinking cold beers and cold soft drinks ect.
So here is a little bit of Autumn inspiration which I'm loving at the moment!

The cat Gif is just super lovely!
But I cannot wait to snuggle into bed tonight, knowing that it's cold outside and I get to stay indoors.
I've got two days off work, so I totally will be spending it staying in bed haha!
Not long until Christmas either!

Also really loving this Aussie blog by Kirby Pill called http://sybilandjohnny.blogspot.co.uk!
Go and check it out, she also sells clothes, handbags, wallets, jewellery, homewares and vintage pieces!
"Sybil & Johnny is the fruition of many years of dreaming, searching and travelling. Stemming from a love of natural fibres & luxurious textures, a handbag line was born made from 100% leather and various hyde. The love stretched further into silks, glass & metals which combined to create vibrant jewellery and accessories. And of course there are the "Treasures from faraway lands" sourced from various travel destinations, printed silk robes, bright embroidered tote bags and unique homewares.
Enjoy the journey and spread the word.....

She too also post photos of pretty and lovely things in her posts too.
Speak soon blog!