Sunday, 14 October 2012

Alexandra Stan - Lemonade..

I'm totally in love with this song by Alexandra Stan!! It was released in June in europe, so the song is very summery. It was released here in the UK on the 7th October 2012, and it kind of makes me think of summer. We will be in winter soon, but I shall be listening to this song a lot!!

Shame it hasn't been aired on the radio yet here in the UK!! On the radio right now... is just the same old song on repeat. Every single song has gone mainstream. It's ridiculous! Alexandra has moved on from her europop status and this song deserves some airtime.
The remixes album on iTunes is £1.79 so I just had to buy this one specific album. It also includes her song from last year "1,000,000" which I've never heard of before. It's a good little song too. But of the Lemonade remixes, I love the Rudedog radio edit, the Cahill radio edit and the UK radio edit.

But seriously, how many times has "Moves Like Jagger" been on the radio? Far too many.. How about Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe"? Too many. Lemonade by Alexandra Stan hasn't even been aired on the radio. I really, truly love this song. Also apparantly she has a new single coming out soon too, which I've heard is going to be more different then Mr Saxobeat, Get Back (ASAP), 1,000,000 and Lemonade ooh la la!! I can't wait to listen to it! Xo

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