Wednesday, 16 May 2012

It's been a long time since my last post!

Hey hey! I've really not been very great with this blog have I?
Well, I'm back and I'm hoping to share more pretty and lovely vintage photos and clothes with you guys.
I've been really interested in vintage clothes and bags. I recently bought 2 jumpers, one from a Charity shop and one online. I bought a bag from the same Charity shop I got the jumper from.
Then I bought a Popeye t-shirt from a different Charity shop, and I bought a pair of white leather moccasins online.

So yeah all in all, a good few buys there! Let me describe each one with you:
Jumper 1: I bought this jumper from a Charity shop in Town and it was only in a size medium. Now most thrift shoppers or vintage shoppers, tend to go up by one size. So if you're a size small then you go up to a medium and so on. The colour of the jumper is like a light marl grey colour, and it's knitted with a v-neck.
I will probably take photos of these things to show you what they look like.

Jumper 2: I bought this one online, and it's another light grey jumper. It's got the two of the Disney Dalmation's on the front. It's got a round neck, which is like thick knitted? It's fairly long as it stop's just below my hips.

Bag: The bag which I bought from another charity shop, is like a light beige colour. It's got a brown leather handles, a brown leather base, and it's the same for the trimmings as well. It's got a pocket at the front and yeah. It is probably best if I post a photo of this onto here. Since the description doesn't do it justice ha ha.

Popeye T-shirt: This was bought at the same charity shop as the bag, and it's just got Popeye on the front with the word "Popeye" at the top of it. It's round necked and it's quite a soft fabric. So it's comfy and casual. Once again this is in a size medium so it fits perfectly.

Yeah, that is pretty much the clothes I've purchased. Hopefully I'll find more goodies in those charity shops.
I might pop in one day this week and just have a look round.
So I think I'll stop it there, since I don't want to go on talking ha ha.

I'll see you all soon, and yeah take care my darlings!
Kate, Xo

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