Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Avoiding this blog again oh no....

Oh no indeed! Anyway, I still haven't sorted out my room. But that will be done sometime this week. I'm still going with the layout of my pair of chest of drawers though. The one by my bed being used as a side table.. is just a little messy. I'll probably do that one first, then it's out of the way and done with. The second one is pretty quick, just a little tidy up and yeah.
The rest of my room is in such a mess! Bags, boxes, clothes, shoes... all scattered all over the floor. That's another job to do as well. But yeah my plan is still on!

I went to Lakeside this arvo and searched for jobs. Spotted a few neon clothes which I must put on my wishlist for sure. So yeah, I also found more inspiration while browsing Tumblr again:

So yeah, I'll probably add a few more photos to this blog post.
I'll get back to you real soon!
Kate, Xo

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